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Talents retention

Thanks to a very nice onboarding, a highly competitive local salary and the right integration with your teams, we help you to retain your brazilian talents.

Skilled team

Our selective community of developers allows you to recruit faster while maintaining the same quality standard of your local developers.

Cost reduction

Amazing! With a lower local cost of living, recruit the best and reduce your staffing costs by up to 40%.

Our Developers

A comunity of qualified developpers available for you

  • Technical skills confirmed under rigorous tests
  • Developpers who put hard work and good humor together
  • Very good communication in english

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Diego Oliveira


4 years in BNP Paribas

Diego Oliveira

Backend Developer

11 years of experience

JavaNode JSAngular


Caio AugustoAkira


The best school in latin America

Caio AugustoAkira

Full Stack Developer

2 years of experience

Node JSPythonReact Native


Maria Clara


Projets Opensource

Maria Clara

Frontend Developer

2 years of experience

ReactReact NativeNode JS


Paolo Posso


The best school in latin America

Paolo Posso

Frontend DeveloperEnd Developer

13 years of experience

AngularVue JSC#

The outsourcing made with ❤

Our mission is to give your employees in Brazil the same belonging feeling as your local team.

We help you to select the best developers, integrate them with your local team and facilitate your paperwork.

Meet our developers
HR Business Partner

RH Business Partner

The HR expert is responsible for ensuring a successful and sustainable relationship between your local team and your Brazilian team.

He masters both languages and cultures to ensure good communication and optimal teamwork.

React Native

Our Services

The brazilian developpers become part of your company

🤓 Recruitment: candidates research, CV evaluation, personal interviews and technical assessments.

🤙🏼 Paperwork: simplified contracts signature, payments and follow-up in our solution

❤ Inclusion: from the onboarding to monthly follow-up. Samba becomes the promoter of your company culture to your teams in Brazil. Everything is done with love.

🌎 Local recruitment: if you want to bring your developer to your country, we can help you with the necessary steps.


In partnership with the NGO Gerando Falcões, for each developer recruited with Samba & Code, you are funding the future of a child in Brazil.

Java developer with 3 years experience

(average salary and taxes costs)

Thanks to the monetary exchange rate, pay a very competitive local salary and save money at the same time


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